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Terminal Muse: Yellow
2013 CD

Terminal Muse: Blue
2011 CD

Terminal Muse: Red
2010 CD

Lid Emba & BobCrane - We Substitute Radiance
2008 CD

Reason Isn't Radar
2006 CD

Lid Emba

"According to Sean Moore, he chose Lid Emba to brand his solo work because it appeared to him on a spaced out album cover in a teenage dream, and he hadn't even started smoking dope yet. He loved its ring, but it was too weird for everybody else. When he finally got the chance to make decisions without having to negotiate, it was the perfect name to use, especially considering how odd and surreal his music can get. It's works for Stickfigure, too, on which he's released five recordings since Stickfigure is NOT afraid to release challenging music. While Sean's a fairly hermetic guy and very uncomfortable with almost everything involved with promoting music in the world, he obviously hasn't tired of making headphone food. When I first heard the original demo for what became Reason isn't Radar, Lid Emba's debut, I was impressed with how the music was both challenging and, in a coming-out-of-left-field way, melodic, structured, and sorta pop. That is, if Fripp's guitar solo on Eno's "Baby's on Fire" is sorta pop. And Radar was released back in 2005. The music is still as uncompromising as when I first heard it, but it keeps moving forward, trying new shit, never standing still."

Sean Moore's Audiography:

Lid Emba, Stickfigure Recordings:

Reason Isn't Radar 2006

We Substitute Radiance (collab w/ Bobcrane) 2008

Terminal Muse: Red 2010

Terminal Muse: Blue 2011

Terminal Muse: Yellow 2013

Bold Ashes:

Second Son Seventh Sky 2016, independent release, digital only


Funhausen 2016, independent release, digital only

Blind The Thin King:

Spoils For Sleepwalkers 2018, Stickfigure Recordings & Terminal Muse Futilities co-release