PO Box 55462
Atlanta, GA 30308

The Great Rest
2006 CD-R

Sound Of Seventy Three

Sound of Seventy Three (So73) is a lo-fi, space-rock, post-rock, shoegazer band based out of Atlanta Georgia. Drawing inspiration from the guitar styling of 80s and 90s alternative acts like U2, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and Smashing Pumpkins, they mix the melodicism and textural approach of these bands with the more aggressive sound of 90s indie-rock and the more experimental and minimalist leanings of ambient and electronic music.

While So73 make use of primarily traditional rock instruments, what they create with those instruments is far from the norm. Making full use of the breadth and depth of the guitar's expressive possibilities, Sound of Seventy Three sculpt cathartic emotional music out of ringing guitar intervals, echo-drenched vocal-less melodies, and distorted harmonies.

Sound of Seventy Three also feature a device that is often regarded as something of a novelty by many guitarists, the eBow. The eBow is an electric bow for guitar that gives it infinite sustain and allows a guitarist to phrase much more like a vocalist or cellist would. So73 use this device to great expressive and emotional effect, so much so that they may give the listener the sense that they do not actually lack a vocalist.