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At The Chateau
2011 CD

Totally Beachin' - Wave Rider Mix
2010 Digital

King And Queen Of The Dance Floor
2010 CD

Candy Bar Man Digital Single
2009 Digital

La Chansons

La Chansons is the Atlanta husband and wife, dance pop duo, Greg and Carson Keller.

Greg and Carson grew up in Marietta, Georgia, but did not know each other until they met in 2003. They then found out that their musical tastes had taken similar paths over the years. Greg grew up on Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana while Carson was listening to Nirvana, Hole, and Bikini Kill. Their tastes turned more electronic in their later teen years, as Greg got into Paul Oakenfold and Carson discovered Le Tigre. From then on they each fell in love with dance music in all it's forms, but their teenage musical tastes still seep into their songs and continue to influence them. Now they study perfect pop songs from the 80's, in attempt to create their own pop masterpieces.

La Chansons was created in 2004 when Greg had just graduated from UGA, and his Athens punk band had just split up. Carson was an art student in Atlanta with a life-long fantasy of being in a band. Greg wanted to start a new music project and noticed Carson's artistic talent. In the beginning, La Chansons was comprised of Greg's songs and Carson's accompanying low-fi music videos. As their relationship grew, La Chansons became more of an equal collaboration. Now Greg writes the music, and Carson writes the lyrics and sings. In their relationship they are able to pass ideas back and forth freely, and in doing so they make each other's music and art better.

They took their name from an old French children's book found at Carson's parents' house. While their sound has progressed since their inception in 2004, their name, "chansons", meaning songs, still applies. Their focus has always been on writing songs that are catchy, well-crafted, and from the heart. As for the "La" in La Chansons, they still don't know if it's correct or not, but they don't really care. They like how it sounds, and it reminds them of singing. La la la la la!