PO Box 55462
Atlanta, GA 30308

Void Vanishing
2012 CD


Qurious is the surprising collaboration between a hip-hip producer/sample collagist and a vocal texturist/muli-instumentalist. Since winter 2009, the pair has taken up casting a sonic net over the patrons of the Atlanta and Athens music scenes.

Whether from headphones or on stage, one is inevitably caught spellbound. The siren-like vocals which lay atop the depths of keyboard/sample-based aural tapestries capture intellects and sway those fleshy physical forms into dance. With compositions as various and interesting as their subject matter, Qurious challenges audiences to follow them through the melodic looking-glass, venturing into a more cerebral listening experience.

Summoning nature-inspired soundscapes in their premiere concept-album: Planet Plant, the group built an enthralling narrative of terrestrial imagery encapsulated in otherworldly vision. The piece served as a brilliant introduction to the band and landed them a Creative Loafing title: Best Ambient Composers of 2011. Keeping things inquisitive as always, the group can be expected to evolve their enigmatic and sexy brand of auditory escape.

"You have to know the rules before you can effectively break them, and Qurious seems to operate on a higher level of consciousness than its electro peers. Between Mike Netland's starry-eyed production and Catherine Quesenberry's spellbinding voice, the duo delves deep into the realm of pure atmospherics with a sense of sophistication that eludes the rest." - Creative Loafing Atlanta

"The crowd was entranced, unable to keep from dancing along with these bioluminescent ambassadors of electronica" - Flagpole

"Each track is a varied experiment in electronics with plenty of headphone tantalizing tones" - Good Pop, Bad Pop