Thou by Harken The Hands Askew
2009 CD

Harken The Hands Askew debut "thou" has been in the works for five plus years now. Aaron has been relentlessly and diligently fine tuning and perfecting these fourteen songs for that entire time. Numerous changes and re-writes have been made and finally the debut is ready.

It's vast but still very personal music which contains the thickness and vastness of godspeed you black emperor! while maintaining a beautiful pop edge which will remind listeners of gregor samsa.

It's been well worth the wait.

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Voted 19th Best Album of the Year by Ohm Park for the 20 Best Local (Atlanta, GA) albums of the year 2009


"With five years of effort and devotion put into it, Thou is a strikingly beautiful album consisting of ambient acoustic guitars and an embracive environment. For having a bit of drone and obscure sounds, each song follows a traditional song structure that blends well with the lo-fi, experimental noises and downtempo drumbeats.

Harken The Hands Askew is a solo project by Aaron Womack, who has played drums for Me and Him Call It Us and is now currently a member of O'Brother. Womack recorded and compiled the album himself at various locations in the Atlanta area on his own computer.

The track "Heartache" embarks the listener on a sonic journey fitted with trip-hop bass, drums and reverberant vocals. The arpeggiated guitar produces a post-rocky experimental song that can get you lost in the track. Some of the songs on the album may not have all the sounds a traditional one might, but they consist of gripping atmospheres and lingering vocals that float above.

There is a bit of humming and crackle throughout the album that gives warmth to each track. The music is vast, with thickness of echo, yet has a somber popish feel with the jingling of guitars. The reverb and haunting ambience sets the mood of dark enchantment, which you may see in bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Kayo Dot. Thou can be thought of as a brilliant, powerful, yet personal album for the likes of many. (Stickfigure Records)" - Billy Seidel / Southeast Performer