Baby Teeth by The Feeding Fingers
2009 CD

During the summer of 2008 The Feeding Fingers spent four months recording their sophomore album "Baby Teeth". With "Baby Teeth", the group has collaborated and recorded a collection of music whose initial intent is to stand on its own two feet as a work in its own right and not as a by-product of Curfman's over-reaching ambition. "Baby Teeth" is the first proper Feeding Fingers album.

The Feeding Fingers are frequently compared to Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, The Chameleons, Bauhaus, and the like. Within the darker spectrum of the post-punk sub-genre, the Feeding Fingers have "a definite appeal to those who crave an element of dark surrealism in their music."

"...darkly romantic, full of throbbing, single-note bass, alternately soaring and screeching guitar lines, icy-cold drum lines and vocals which are a mourning wail...I like this a whole hell of a lot." - Gordon Lamb

Split Label Release With Tephra Media

Released January of 2009

MP3 Sample: Permission For Sleep

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"Here's another band that really caught our attention with this, their sophomore release. With a style that sounds heavily influenced by The Cure you can't go wrong when it's done right. This album is memorable and a favorite here this year (2009)." - Promofabrik