Love Not Found by Backseat Dreamer
2008 MCD

"Finally, no matter how many great bands call it quits, there will always be new blood eager to take up the mantle. Backseat Dreamer, aka Sean Neuse, entered the game last month with his debut EP, Love Not Found. The almost seventeen minute release from Stickfigure feels like a sketch book full of works that aim somewhere between Aphex Twin and My Bloody Valentine. This first glimpse of what Backseat Dreamer can achieve is so successful and compelling, and I'm excited about the prospects of a full-length heading our way early next year. Pick it up:" - Ohmpark Blog

"Love not found" is the debut ep by Backseat Dreamer. It's a quick listen, less than twenty minutes, but it's a grand start for new listeners. The debut full length will be unleashed in Spring 2010.

Released in October of 2008

MP3 Sample: I Don't Feel It

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