Lid Emba & BobCrane - We Substitute Radiance by Lid Emba
2008 CD

"After finishing 'Reason Isn't Radar,' I discovered Ryan Huber's work as Bobcrane and Olekranon, both of which were distributed by Stickfigure. He used guitars to varying degrees, and favored droney, distorto, boombox-in-the-red methods. I got in touch with him, he was game, and we started collaborating on what would become 'We Substitute Radiance' in early 2007.

The process was convoluted. Ryan lived in Bloomington, Illinois. I lived in Atlanta. We were separated by over 500 miles, had different software/hardware setups, and there was no practical online file sharing available at the time. So, we snail-mailed CDRs back and forth and emailed, emailed, emailed. We only talked on the phone twice.

This was a new way of working for both of us, and I suppose we liked it, because we managed to assemble six tracks of psychotropic headphone food. James Plotkin mastered it all, which was another first. The results were released in 2008.

Sadly, years later, Ryan and I have yet to be in the same room." - Sean Moore

"An art-damaged jam between Tangerine Dream, early 90's Residents, and a dubbed-out electro-King Crimson. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Public Guilt

"Like a hallucinogenic mushroom cloud slowly dissolving in a dark dance club, bathing the dancers in radiation." - the one true dead angel

"Wicked, textural, and disturbing." - MastanMusic

"So mind bendingly complicated that to try and analyze it at any great length is enough to cause a brain hemorrhage for even the most decorated of polymaths." - Subba-Cultcha

"A bizzaro world aesthetic that manages to be dark and disturbing yet reassuring." - Ohmpark

Released April 2008

MP3 Sample: Flying Undead Overhead

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