That's It, That's It by Femme Fatality
2011 CD

Femme Fatality is a high energy electro act based in Los Angeles, California.

Since 2003 they been earning a reputation in the underground for sending their audiences into a frenzy with dark pop songs and crowd interactive live shows.

Femme Fatality's debut, Never Had A Daddy (Collective Records), was released in late 2004. The record quickly became a soundtrack for the debauched lifestyle.

The band spent a few years relentlessly touring North America before heading back in the studio to release the Pretty Mess 7" (Stickfigure Recordings - 2007), One's Not Enough CD (Stickfigure Recordings -2008), One's Not Enough Remixed (Stickfigure Recordings - 2009) and the Typical Single (Self Released -2010).

The new EP entitled That's It, That's It is slated to be unleashed on unsuspecting fans via Stickfigure Recordings on July 26, 2011.

Mastered by Carl Saff

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"Femme Fatality are back with "That's It, That's It", a six track ep that's full of energetic electro and is a solid addition to their catalog. I embrace this EP as the 2008 release of "One's Not Enough" was played so much in my household that I swear it is imprinted on my soul, unregretably so. The boys toned downed their sound slightly from the 2008 album, but it's like going from cocaine to redbull vodkas, the fun intensity is still there, just a little bit under control. Five of the songs are more danceable and should be played at all clubs and house parties around the world to pump some fun into the crowds. My only complaint is that it's only an EP and hopefully this isn't it." - Mike Kieffer / Auxiliary Magazine


"Formed in 2003 and based in LA Femme Fatality are known for their high energy live performances and audience interaction. Their fun, dirty lyrics are about sex, drugs, debauchery and all the other things that make life worthwhile. Their dark, but immensely dancey songs are full of catchy hooks - sort of electropunk meets synthpop.

In this mini CD/EP Femme Fatality have treated us to a smorgasbord of sounds, styles and vocals. The vocals range from punky shouting to deep talking/ whispering and everything in between. The lyrics come at you so hard and fast they are sometimes almost like electro rapping if there is such a thing. In my warped mind I heard bits of Sisters of Mercy, Gwen Stefani (the chanting lyrics) and even a few Kelly Marie "Pow Pows" mixed in with 80's synths, drum machines, sing-a-long choruses and boppy,happy tunes. (There may even have been some strings and tubular bells thrown in for good measure.)

They are all very danceable but my two personal favourites are: "Show Me The Way" - a bouncy tune with pounding synths, catchy guitar riffs and clever lyrics including the immortal line "I like my girls like my money - dirty and spent!" and "Southwest Syndrome" - fast & fun, with punky vocals, slowing to whispering then rising again to the crescendo. This is the one that sounds like it has tubular bells and strings. The slowest song is "Tulsa" - this song makes me think of the band "Japan" and all things Japanese with its surreal chiming sound and vocal style.

I found myself singing along to the choruses and tapping my toes to the other three songs "That's it That's it", "I You We" and "Backroom Darlings" No doubt if someone played them I'd dance to them, but not to the same extreme as "Show Me The Way" and "Southwest Syndrome" - I'd play those, and go nuts on the dancefloor. You're going to have fun listening to these songs and "fun" seems to be the word that sums up this CD.

Anything that makes me want to dance gets my vote so I'll give 3.5 stars out of 5. Review by Lesley Gray / Neuwelt Music