Outer Gods

Outer Gods is a musical duo based in Atlanta, Georgia that has spanned and mutated through genres and styles throughout the years all the while maintaining their main objective: creating music that places the listener into a sense of glacial drift that invites the deepest chasms of thought. Often crafting songs after long sessions of improvised music and an eclectic use of samples including found sounds and film extracts, it is an attempt to bridge the divide between the subject and object; between existence and void. Through whatever means, whether experimental electronics, repetition, or cavernous drones, they have always placed the terror of the unknown at the forefront. Outer Gods have shared the stage with a diverse set of bands including The Body, Jucifer, TWINS, Hell, Body/Head, Bill Nace (Charalambides) and Man Forever (Kid Millions) as well as participating in art shows, such as "Solar Heresies," a collaboration with artist Meredith Kooi. Outer Gods have used their live shows to embrace each as a unique event that exists on its and utilizes multimedia effects and performances that eschews replication; often sets will be written that will be performed only once leaving each show a singular experience.

The Latest Albums

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