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Warning Light’s new album Inner Spaces has been released

 Hey Everybody,

Warning Light’s new album Inner Spaces has been released.  

Inner Spaces sees Warning Light (D Haddon) return with a new synthesizer based set after Latent Futurists’ guitar/bass focused sound the year previous. Started in Minneapolis but finished during a whirlwind of activity in a temporary studio at the foothills of the Tualatin range, Inner Spaces is the most succinct Warning Light album to date. An album that celebrates the pleasures of living in a small town (“Posti y Acquedotto” and “Galerion Gardens”) and staying home with the pets (“Most Curious of the Cats” and “Pouty Brown Eyes”), Inner Spaces also sees D Haddon employing playful arrangements and dynamic beatwork to populate his cinematic collection of dubby electro sounds.

RIYL : Yellow Magic Orchestra, Tangerine Dream’s Thief Soundtrack, David Sylvain’s instrumental work

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