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Sole member/multi-instrumentalist D Haddon currently lives and produces music in Forest Grove, Oregon after years of living in Atlanta, GA while playing in the bands Roman Photos and Suitcases. Warning Light’s journey from solo drone project to motorik loop music has been one rooted firmly in the dual foundations of academic minimalism and noise music’s DIY spirit. While the original Warning Light albums were often purely studio creations, the recent music has largely been written while Haddon traveled around Oregon, giving it a momentum of its own. His eclectic production style and writing has also recently been heard on High Marks’ Rake Me Over the Coals Tonight and Yellow Bulb.’s Cabal albums, and on Joan Spinell’s debut single.

RIYL : Yellow Magic Orchestra, Tangerine Dream’s Thief Soundtrack, David Sylvain’s instrumental work, Craven Faults

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Liquid Haze

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