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“At the Chateau” is our second release on Atlanta’s Stickfigure Records. The album follows last year’s “King and Queen of the Dance Floor,” which was made for living room dance parties and making funny mix-tapes for your friends. “At the Chateau” still has that La Chansons sense of humor with songs like “Candy Party,” “Dr. & Nurse,” “Heels Come Out at Night,” and “Spin the Bottle.” However, much of this album is inspired by our experiences navigating our double lives as day-time workers and night-time rockers. Songs like, “Jerrica,” and “Turquoise Paradise” illustrate the challenges of working 9-5, and the joy that comes when we “flip the switch” to become La Chansons. We dive a little deeper this time with “Ice Princess” and “Love Dream,” and some songs simply describe our real nights out on the town, like “Club Europe,” and “I Can Rock Harder.”

The “King and Queen of the Dance Floor” are giving you a glimpse of life inside the “Chateau,” a little peak at our real lives. Don’t worry though, it’s all set to slammin’ dance beats and it’s totally ready for the club! We aren’t apologetic for loving dance music, and it shines through on this album. We (Greg especially) voraciously consume all varieties of dance music, and are inspired by all types throughout history. All of these diverse sounds have inspired this album – it’s our homage to our favorite genre!”

Release Date
May 24, 2011

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Album Review

Synth-pop/indie dance duo, La Chansons are dropping a new full length album, “At The Chateau” come May 2nd, and although that’s still a tragically long 4-weeks away, we couldn’t help but whet your tastebuds with the album’s first single–”Jerrica” . At the Chateau is the follow up to 2010′s King and Queen of the Dance Floor and if the other tracks on the album are even remotely similar to “Jerrica” than music fans all over the world are in for a real treat. For this outing La Chansons have kept their sense of humor in tact but much of their new album is said to be ” inspired by our experiences navigating our double lives as day-time workers and night-time rockers” and this definitely seems fitting, as Jerrica talks all about the daily grind of a 9 to 5. Beautiful, Madonna-reminiscent vocals, amazing synth work and a dance party await. The latest from La Chansons is the truth and the light!

The Get Downnn

This track moves quick, and has a highly synthetic beat that is quite reminiscent of dubstep. Welcome to the future, friends. The vocals are indeed a reminder of 80s era Madonna.


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