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“Edie is both enlightenment and instinct – spirit and animal – and this dichotomy dances its interplay throughout her music.”

“It is not often that in a first encounter with new talent the feeling comes over me that this is something special… Edie is such an exception, in her music lies universal worth…The image of an original and inventive artist was affirmed during a live performence, the audience was raving!” – Rob Bolland, producer [writer of “Rock me Amadeus”]

“Edie’s music brings up an image of Marianne Faithful making out with Jane Birkin, with Nico watching” – Robin Eaton, writer/producer [Jill Sobule, Butterfly Boucher]

“If you haven’t heard of Edie yet, you probably will soon. Her haunting lyrics and etheral vocals are spellbinding. The Realities CD is a good introduction to her work. The first track “Through” is so amazing you may never get past it to hear the other 10 or so. It was featured in the movie Zerophilia, which is where I was first turned on to Edie. Beyond “Through”, I’m also carrying “Shipwrecked” around in my head right now. Watch Zerophilia, and if you like what you hear, check this CD out.” – Mike G

“Realities” is Edie’s third full length release.

Release Date
March 27, 2007

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