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A ghostly parade of out-of-tune guitars; hopelessness in the little girl’s voice; a young Bjork singing for teenage Sonic Youth; Catharsis without hardcore; “Your music – beautiful, la bomba la bomba, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, both”. All of the above are valid descriptions of Echo Is Your Love’s music.

The band’s second album, “8 Hours” is nine songs (50 minutes) of depression and suffocated anger. Dreamy melodies and whispered vocals enhanced by looped noises and guitars that sound as if everything will explode or crawl quietly behind the girl’s back.

Formed in Helsinki Finland in January 1998, Echo Is Your Love’s original intention was to rehearse as little as possible and to record almost everything that was produced. The result is a cacophonic mixture of early Sonic Youth, Dead C and whispered, almost ghostly vocals of a young girl in the corner of a rehearsal room.

A couple 7″s (+ split 7″s with Warser Gate and Electroscope), split 12″ with Kemialliset Ystavat and an debut album in June 2000 were created. After the tour and the debut album the band’s music became more aggressive which is evident with “8 hours”. More Shellac, more Fugazi, more The Ex. More experimenting.

“8 Hours” stands for the unawareness of what is reality and what is dream – the 8 hours spent in 9-5, queing to death, or the hours we sleep and dream ourselves away into the reality we’re hoping for. This is the soundtrack for the dream-like reality that is too bad to be true.

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June 18, 2002

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