At The End Of The Road

At The End Of The Road
1 Gloworming Through The Southern Skies

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At The End Of The Road is the culmination of three years of likeminded experiments in sublime chilled out electronics. Minimalist analogue drones commingle with pulsing techno rhythms, accented by spacey dub and motorik psychedelia. Recorded at Haddon’s homebase Bedsitter Studios in the sleepy hamlet of Avondale Estates, the album also hosts guest appearances by frequent collaborator Rachel M from Snowbride, Travis Thatcher from Voice of Saturn, and Curtis Stephens from Unit Charge. This is an album about the inevitability of endings, and how those endings create space for something new.

Release Date
October 27, 2017

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Gloworming Through The Southern Skies

Album Review

Yet another mood enhancing audio journey brought to you courtesy of Warning Light. The band is the ongoing project created by D Haddon, who has been recording under the moniker for about a decade. He has worked with a whole slew of electronic artists in the Atlanta, Georgia area over the years. At the End of the Road finds him returning to his roots, as these tracks have a more ambient/atmospheric sound and feel. According to the press release that accompanied this disc, the album is "...about the inevitability of endings, and how those endings create space for something new." These twelve tracks demonstrate an impressive depth that shows how much this fellow has learned over the years. Recorded at his own Bedsitter Studios in Avondale Estates, Road is probably the most fully realized Warning Light album yet. Haddon spent about three years recording these tracks. And the attention to detail is obvious. Beautifully realized compositions include "Jetplanes Leaving at Dawn," "Decaying in Evening Light," "The Vast Empty," and "Expression of an Impression." Top pick.

Baby Sue Magazine

A dozen track album of luscious texturing that an ethereal presence as extended hazy humming analogue drone combines with obscured shadows of electronica which drifts calmly through the room firing the listeners imagination.

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