Burn Collector: Collected Stories From One Through Nine

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Having sold through six printings, Al Burian’s Burn Collector “Issues one through nine” is definately sought after.

Collected within these pages are the first four to five years worth of Burn Collectors that al burian produced on his own. Al burian’s writing has received all sorts of exclaim and praise from all over the world. In many ways al burian is part of the rising group of “underground” punk authors (aaron cometbus, cindy of doris, sarah of the urban hermit etc. etc.) who are leaving their mark on modern literature. Definitely above average writing focusing on personal issues, experiences, insights and more. All material was written during the years of 1992 to 1998.

Here is an excerpt from Burn Collector #8:

“the process of socializalition is a strange one. Your parents map out a pyschological blueprint for you, attempting to impart whatever values and survival skills they deem necessary for a functional citizen of the community, nation, or world to posses. Somewhere in there you get a Black Flag record and years of etiquette training, Bible study, therapy, and child-rearing manual reading are rendered impotent and useless; even the sacred bonds between parent and child, the bedtime stories and baseball games, become hollow and archaic. This was the case for both Kevin and myself. Neither or our parents are too thrilled about the presence of Black Flag in our formation of Gestalt. Like living in a foreign country, even when you speak the language it’s nice to go to a party at the Embassy once in a while, speak the mother tongue for a minute- and in that same way it’s nice to talk to someone who lets you know that you’re not alone in the world, that those 80’s cold-war era nihilist records, thirteen songs in twenty minutes, the ones which convinced you that everything previous generations had strived for had led to nothing but an eternity of alienation from your surroundings at worst, and instantaneous thermonuclear obliteration at best, have some resonance in the consciousness of your peers.”

Microcosm has reprinted this book.

Release Date
June 29, 1999

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