Data Reject

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Data Reject is the debut album by Minneapolis, MN experimental industrial duo Yellow Bulb. Recorded by the duo while isolated from themselves, the album showcases a spectrum of rhythmic, experimental sounds across the ten tracks. Fuzzy circuitry and dissonant guitars comingle with the heavy drum stomp, creating abstract heavy rock music with a dark dubby production. Analogue synths and detuned samples are given equal space with the guitars and bass, giving the hybrid sounds a hazy unique energy. Heavier, more doom-laden material like “Henry & Son” and “Ballad ov thee Exploding Head” sit comfortably alongside more industrial-electronic work like “Maximal Nothing” and “A Season of Little Miseries.”

The album features collaborations with percussionist Jake Cregger (Multicult) and vocalist Chris Besinger (STNNNG), and is the product of eight intense months in the life of a new band. Data Reject explores the power of the idea, and the cost of rejecting it over the course of its forty minutes.

RIYL : Godflesh, HIDE, Sightings, SWANS, Echo Beds, The Body

Release Date
June 25, 2021

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