Description: Singles And Unreleased Recordings: 1995 – 1999

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This CD compiles all of the songs written and recorded by The hal al Shedad that were not included on the self-titled “White” album and the “Textures of Tomorrow” album. The first seven songs are from the initial recording session at Sleepless Nights Studio in Decatur with Issa “Let’s Take A Break” Diao and became our first three singles: “The Sounds of Swords Clashing”, the split 7″ with Inkwell, and the “Symbol of Sound Progress” as well as the song “Good Intentions” which was never previously released. The song “On Building a Timebomb” from this compilation was recorded by Alap Momin at the same time as the self-titled album, but was also never released. “Yesterday’s Bullets” was part of the 1997 European Tour 7″ put out by Simba Records, while “Human Again” and “Eloquent Loser” were released by Troubleman Records as the “Running and Falling” 7″ in between the first and second albums. “Solitaire” was part of the split 7″ with Rainer Maria, released by Tree Records under the Postmark Stamp Singles series, and “Separation Anxiety” also known as “the piano song” was never released. The last songs included are several songs written after “Textures of Tomorrow” in live format that would have been released as a third album if we ever properly recorded them in a studio. Instead they were taken from our two last shows in March and April of 1999 at the Echo Lounge in East Atlanta. The cover photo was taken outside the Georgia State University Library by Valerie Lovely as part of the same photos that were used on the self-titled album, and all graphic design/layout was performed by Phil Dwyer of Apartment 13, as always.

Released in 2000 on the Buddy System, “rereleased” in 2006 on Stickfigure

Release Date
June 6, 2000

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