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Greg Keller returns with Music, Vol. 2. With Music, Vol. 1 Keller created music that “delivers a brilliantly calming ambient mood by which you can’t help but be seduced.” (Acid Ted blog). Music Vol. 2 finds Keller progressing from a more straightforward synth based ambient sound to incorporating chimes, guitar, field recordings, synths and more to create an ambient vibe that definitely has musique concrète elements while it is both intricate and dense.

The lead off single Chimes is both soothing and upbeat at the same time. As Indie Criollo stated, Keller creates music that is “as if we were interpreting each path in the drift of what we are and where we are going, making perfect sounds to combine with all the decision correct and savvy about these sounds, which enter our imagination without fear, like a sound experiment that manages to be more and more real every second as more of its softness enters our skin. Fascinates us. It makes us fly with the ideal calm so as not to lose ourselves in any way between what we want to feel like a pura vida.”

Greg started producing music under his name when making music for a well known meditation podcast. He wanted a format to make electronic music without the structural constraints of pop or dance music in which he could explore all the sounds he had collected over the years. From that point, he started creating music that focused on space and atmosphere. Greg also produces dance music as Mister Sweatband.

Release Date
September 30, 2022

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