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Emerging from the new crop of US underground acts updating the American Deathrock + UK Post Punk aesthetic. Atlanta based Entertainment is raw and bleak. Channeling the best parts of early 80s goth from a thousand years away. They’ve often been described as a perfect amalgamation of the sum of their influences, “the sound of death on vinyl, wrapped in layers of spaced-out dub, post punk shards, tinny synths, and cavernous silence.” – PostPunk.com

Horror Part 1 is the new EP, following the release of the singles “Maggot Church” (Fall 2020) and “Voyeur” Spring (2021). It features updated versions these 2 singles and 2 new tracks, bringing a lean but eviscerating stark darkness, seeped in glammed up desperation and fractured grooves. Horror Part 1 is Entertainment’s first definitive statement since their genre defying and “ahead-of-it’s-time” debut album Gender (2009). The Ep sees the band re-emerge from a decade of consistent touring, fractured relationships, loss, and line-up shifts as if no time has passed, to deal with themes of gender identity, obsession, desire, and existential dread through the lens of 80’s VHS Horror, fetishized romanticism, and romantic fetishism.

Horror Part 1 was co-mixed by the band and Tom Ashton (of legendary Leeds, UK band March Violets), and mastered by Matt McJunkins (The Beta Band, Poppy, Puscifer,), the cover is designed with a font treatment by NY fine artist Matthew Brannon.

Release Date
September 28, 2021

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