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Latent Futurists is the first proper Warning Light album since the motorik stomp of 2017’s Luxury Through Repetition, with sole member D Haddon having moved to Minneapolis and establishing the Iron Spiral Studio in the interim. With guitars coming to the forefront, Latent Futurists uses the electro-looping foundation Haddon has built on previous releases to craft a more psychedelic, shoegaze-indebted set. Synths and rhythm boxes now co-exist with Haddon’s freeform fuzzy guitarwork, coalescing into a basement daydream of modernist electro krautrock, consistently hypnotic and at moments darkly cinematic. A rhythmic album as well, Latent Futurists offers one of the most dynamic and concise sets in Warning Light’s diverse catalogue.

Haddon offers “Latent Futurists is easily the most unexpected (to myself) Warning Light music I’ve made since Eternity Drones, the sessions really came together in an organic way when I was finishing my work on the debut Yellow Bulb. album. I had been playing guitar seriously for the first time in a couple years; when you have Quarantine hours, you have plenty of time for “cosmic accidents.” The title is a tip of the hat to all of my friends who have kept pushing their art into the future this year for the sheer passion of doing it. Despite all the dark events of 2020, it meant the world to me to see my friends still making the art they believe in.“

RIYL : Seefeel, Forma, Ashra, Pinkshinyultrablast, Should, late-70s-Tangerine Dream

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March 26, 2021

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The Stickfigure Recordings label, which I went to thanks to the wonderful album of the Hexcrusher project , publishes excellent experimental electronics and this week its catalog was replenished with a very unusual album "Latent Futurrist" from the Warning Light project, behind which is the talented musician D Haddon, a member of the post-rock group High Marks and industrial duo Yellow Bulb. Drowned in effects, guitar sound, noises, atmospheric pads, krautrock, meditative rhythmic beats, pulsating synths and bass, plus a little industrial techno. The result of mixing these ingredients sounds incredible and in the best way enlivens the imagination, painting fantastic pictures of a gloomy future, mysterious ghosts and other strange things that fall under the bright moonlight on deserted nights. Just what you need for walks alone or an evening with some cyberpunk romance.

Mishka DJ

‘Stable Enabler‘ is the opening track from Warning Light‘s latest album ‘Latent Futurists‘ released via Stickfigure Recordings. One could easily classify this magnum opus in the experimental electronic spectrum, but the sole act’s member D Haddon is far too restless and is more than capeable of adding shoegaze, idm and even highly cinematic elements in this astonishing amalgam of sounds that unleashes a claustrophobic euphoria, unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. Dope!

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