Red At Morn

1 Black Noise

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After numerous cd-r releases which have all sold hundreds of copies, “Red At Morn” finds Ryan utilizing power electronics and drone to create a very thick and heavy but tranquil sound. Sailor Winters will appeal to fans of John Wiese, Daniel Menche and others.

” became familiar with the state of Georgia’s new noise-tinker Sailor Winter’s work via his second release, Owe. While I do enjoy this release, I find it less accessible than his previous work, but accessible is a word most noisicians don’t care for anyhow. Still experimenting with constructive-deconstructivist elements the likes of Paul D Miller, or even Xiu Xiu (minus the vocals), this release sees (hears) more in the harsh noise or power electronic fields, though there really are many ambient moments throughout. There’s still a lot of playfulness to his compositions, but they seem more vicious now. He’s smiling, but showing more teeth than a friendly animal would show. There’s something wrong here, something scary… and that’s good. If music is making you feel uneasy – at least it’s making you feel. (June 16, 2006)” –

Release Date
May 26, 2006

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Black Noise

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