Severed Together

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Produced by members of Bataille and Warning Light Severed Together by Outer Gods emerged from a three-year period as the culmination of various and disparate projects. From the collaboration with artist Meredith Kooi for the art show “Solar Heresies,” and the live scoring of films including Kwaidan and Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. Intending to do an alternate film score the album gradually mutated into something all on its own, with the recording process following wherever the music guided them as if by an unseen element. Recorded mainly at Bedsitter Studios in Avondale Estates using a variety of means, from passing manipulated samples back and forth, writing parts in isolation and then fusing them together, and spending long nights recording whatever was revealed from emptying one’s mind and surrendering to the sound itself. Severed Together follows the release of Dismal Rift and represents the continuation of the duo’s eclectic and diverse discography.

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April 28, 2017

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Dreamy atmospheric instrumentals from Outer Gods. This project was created by members of Bataille and Warning Light. Although many may not be aware of it, there's plenty of electronic experimentation going on in the Atlanta area these days. And the folks at Stickfigure seem to be one of the main arteries through which the music flows out there to the rest of the world. This album presents six tracks that might best be described as modern mood music. Seems particularly interesting that these tracks were recorded mainly at a studio in Avondale Estates--it seems things are definitely changing in what used to be one of Atlanta's most conservative suburbs. Over forty-four minutes of music here. Cool free-flowing tracks include "The Woman Lost in Snow," "By the Spider's Thread We Are Linked," and "Farewell To Summer."

Baby Sue Magazine

Less is more, is less, is more, is less, is more. Only a few strokes can paint the night sky, the silent fireflies, the power line that snapped in last night’s storm and now rests like a desiccated snake in the grass. See, I can sketch whatever picture I want here, because “Farewell to Summer” stems from a film score that’s no longer a film score, an aborted project that morphed into Severed Together, the fifth album from drone masters Outer Gods. While the auteur duo conjured mostly gaping voids on last year’s Dismal Rift, this slice of the new score hints at a slightly more luminous world, where braided threads of melody guide the listener through cavernous pitch. Yeah, less IS more, but after wandering down the eight minutes of “Farewell to Summer,” the listener should definitely crave more, not less, of Outer Gods’ next opus.

Immersive Atlanta

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