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1 All Night Drug Prowling Wolves - Maybe Tomorrow

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“The wolf is loose indeed. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves are a pop band, a punk band and at times even Americana. With their first release on Stickfigure Records they flirt with all of the above and the result is nothing short of gorgeous. “Maybe Tomorrow” is All Night Drug Prowling Wolves attempt at being early U2, Replacements and Bruce Springsteen. After the first verse you will find yourself singing along and asking for more. We certainly hope that is the case. This is raising your glass in the air music for sure. For fans of Tom Waits, Leatherface and Nick Cave.

Sick Figures are an Atlanta-based band formed by Chris Campbell and Nick Black. In 2006 they released their first demo album with 11 songs that sound like a couple of kids raised on punk rock playing vaudevillian tunes. Since then their sound has expanded, but still reflects the Danny Elfman / Tom Waits vibe from their original work. About a year ago Gavin (Stickfigure Recordings) introduced Sick Figures to Tom Cheshire from the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves. They hung out, played a show together then it was suggested they do a split 7′. Thus was born “The Whiskey Song”. A tune that sits well on it’s own and doesn’t seem fit in a full album. “The Whiskey Song” branches away from Sick Figures typical sound and features Erich Netherton on percussion.”

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March 26, 2009

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All Night Drug Prowling Wolves - Maybe Tomorrow

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"Haven't a clue how many of these beauties are around via the Atlanta based Stickfigure imprint but we're assuming - nay - recommending - you get off your arses and seek, search and salvage for your own. Both ensembles featuring on this release are previously unknown to us though that said on the evidence of these cuts you can guarantee we'll be keeping an attentive eye for future releases. First up the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves stump up 'maybe tomorrow' which according to the insert was recorded this coming November - so unless we just awoken from a self induced coma or else someone has access to a time travelling device then we'll assume it's a typo error, anyhow their a four piece based in Georgia who apparently have a knack of turning out a blend of punk, pop / Americana to which 'maybe tomorrow' seemingly covers all bases. Mellow and crushed this hurtful honey sounds like its been recently rescued from early 70's obscurity, definitely showing signs of a Gram Parsons fixation its cut with a tremblingly sparse and frail detail, the aching acoustic strum forlornly flirting with the key halos gives it an almost spiritual aura atop of which Tom Cheshire's remarkably youthful Bruce Springsteen fused with Pete Seger like vocal pines away with all the world weariness of someone cast a crap hand in life's lottery. Utterly heart hanging and touching. Flip over for Atlanta trio Sick Figures whose 'whiskey song' we must admit has been on something of repeat rotation this last half hour not withstanding the fact that there's a Stan Ridgeway thing going on here - albeit that'll be Mr Ridgeway wanting to be Bowie circa 'Alabama song', distracting as much as its addictive, the crooked tempo changes, the music hall dressings very Waits meets Weill and the strangely absorbing bar room meets soft psyche accents which unless we've had a recent bang on the head had us in mind at various moments of the Pretty Things. Damn fine - did we say essential - no - well - essential." - Mark

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All Night Drug Prowling Wolves: Describing their sound as "gospel/punk/rock," local band All Night Drug Prowling Wolves has developed a steady following for heartfelt, if rambunctious, shows. Singer Tom Cheshire takes to the stage with beer in hand and does not always make it through the set -- but who cares when he sounds like Joe Strummer and Shane McGowan? Rousing numbers, such as "Dance Again," have everyone singing along.

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