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1 Superego

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This was the third single released by The hal al Shedad, “The Sounds of Swords Clashing” and the split 7″ with Inkwell being the first two. The original seven songs written by the band were recorded at the same session in the Summer of 1995 by Issa “Let’s Take A Break” Diao at Sleepless Nights Studio, which produced these first three singles and one unreleased song. The artwork was designed by Ben Lukens and Phil Dwyer, and illegally printed during their night shift at Kinko’s. There are three different color schemes for this single, a maroon with black ink version, a grey with blue ink version and a black with red ink version. The design was also used for a t-shirt around the same time, one of only two hal al Shedad t-shirt designs ever produced. The single was initially released by three guys named James, Patrick and Turtle from Knoxville under the label name Auto-Stop Records, but kept in print by Stickfigure Records after the initial pressing. “Riding with Angels” from this single was a fan favorite at the time, but was dropped soon after the music for the self-titled album was written. “Superego” was the last of the original seven songs written, which includes some quiet parts foreshadowing the wider dynamic range of later hal songs such as “The Art of Mapmaking”, etc.

Release Date
July 23, 1996

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