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“Synergy” is a dark, moody testament of melancholy and revelations. Brushed with nerdkween’s signature voice which has been described as raggedly sweet, the music seeps into your soul. The music penned by nerdkween is truly “post modern”. Styles and influences are blended and morphed into songs that appear aloof but place a permanent snag on your heart. nerdkween prefers a lo-fi format to deliver her messages which is a bold choice in today’s overly dubbed and glossed music industry. Quite simply because this makes her music a true reflection of the human condition.

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July 28, 2008

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I Wish I Was Your Cloud

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We have heard many sparse and simple artists over the past few decades...but rarely have we heard an artist as stark and naked as Atlanta, Georgia's Nerdkween. Whereas nowadays in the twenty-first century the usual idea is to inundate the listener with layers upon layers of digital multi-tracking...this young lady instead takes the exact opposite approach. Hearing this, the only possible comparisons that come to mind are Nico and Lisa Germano...mainly because all three share a strange, ultra-serious sound that is somehow distant yet profound. Some of the songs on this album are truly beautiful and have real staying power. In today's semi-generic world, Nerdkween comes across like a breath of fresh air. Top picks: "3 Haiku," "Earning My Disgrace," "If," and "The Beautiful Noise."

Baby Sue Magazine

Surrounding herself with what I’m going to call “seriously analogue looping mechanisms” (actually tiny, portable boomboxes) she used to create walls of ambient sound, Nerdkween matched jaw-dropping white-noise soundscapes with lo-fidelity acoustic songs, all seemingly themed on the concept of moving and searching for…something. Doesn’t matter-I, literally, found myself with my head back, eyes closed, utterly lost in her sonic world.

Resonator Magazine

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