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This is a split label release with The Square Root Of Music Recordings.

“In many ways, Sorry No Ferrari’s first full length record Ternary plays out like an old Yes record might if it were released today. The band plays quick, intricate music that vacillates between time signatures and changes on a dime. Where their first EPs, Oh, Snap! and The Get Down Syndrome, featured a mostly math rock sound, Ternary enters into prog rock territory by focusing equally on melody, rhythm, and theme.

For Ternary, the theme is artificial intelligence. Opening the album is a three part, 17-minute suite that sets the stage for a story of technological singularity. Essentially, in such a scenario, intelligent devices become more intelligent than their human creators, and therefore become dominant. This theme is already pretty ambitious, but what makes it even more of an undertaking is that Sorry No Ferrari is an instrumental band.

So, everything they do to tell their story must be done through sound. Throughout the 40 minutes it takes to get from beginning to end, Ternary reveals itself as a cohesive and linear unit, which perfectly captures this story and the music of this band.” – Sean Zearfoss / Performer Magazine

Release Date
October 26, 2010

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