The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You

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The events of dreams are often impossible, or unlikely to occur, in physical reality: they are also outside the control of the dreamer. The exception to this is known as lucid dreaming, in which dreamers realize that they are dreaming, and are sometimes capable of changing their dream environment and controlling various aspects of the dream. The dream environment is often much more realistic in a lucid dream, and the senses heightened.

Backseat Dreamer is the moniker and solo project of South Carolina musician Sean Neuse.

Backseat Dreamer started in the winter of 2006 as a way for Sean to experiment with hypnotic lush textures using synthesizers, drum machines, layered vocals, pop songwriting and experimental music alike. At the time Sean was performing as a drummer with local favorite band Culture Prophet as well as being the guitarist, drummer and keyboardist for Le Chevre and Coma Cinema. For Sean, working on four track recordings for Backseat Dreamer quickly led to producing a number of demos and the first incarnation of performing live shows for the solo project began the following year in 2007. After a small tour in 2008 the project sparked the interest of a few record labels and “Love Not Found”, a 16 minute experimental EP was released on Atlanta based label Stickfigure Recordings ( Deerhunter, Xiu Xiu etc.) on Oct 28th. 2008.

“The colors of dreams, they’re in you” which is the debut full length album was recorded through out most of 2008 and 2009 and will see it’s official release on July 13th. 2010.

“Backseat Dreamer play a form of dream pop that harkens back to the late 80’s and early 90’s shoegaze scene of England (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive) but pushes toward the future with the use of live electronics and a swarm of dance beats.” – Kevin Miller / Greenville Scene

“Backseat Dreamer, aka Sean Neuse, entered the game last month with his debut EP, Love Not Found. The almost seventeen minute release from Stickfigure feels like a sketch book full of works that aim somewhere between Aphex Twin and My Bloody Valentine. This first glimpse of what Backseat Dreamer can achieve is so successful and compelling, and I’m excited about the prospects of a full-length heading our way early next year.” – Ohm Park

“Sean Neuse’s debut recording under the Backseat Dreamer moniker is most certainly an album best listened to at night: dark rushes of synths collide with the faintest hints of melody, almost as if you tried cross-breeding the glitchy sounds of Germany’s Oval with the earliest recordings that My Bloody Valentine ever put out.” – Evan Sawdey / Pop Matters

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July 10, 2010

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Album Review

Backseat Dreamer‘s “February Fires” begins with a perpetual pulsing electronic backdrop to hazy light visuals, simulating the slow opening of your eyes on a crowded dance floor, somewhere, after being in a pill-and-powder-induced mental hiatus. You come-to and then run, tailored suit, square-rimmed glasses, black tie, gelled hair and all. Wandering empty February streets, your last cigarette is the only relief from an intangible future promised by the broken present: rapid succession of disconnected still shots of your surroundings. What did you take? When will it end? There’s nowhere to go, but you can’t stay here, so you keep moving through your distorted perspective, picking up cigarette butts along the way, hoping to taste someone on the wilted ends.

Magnet Magazine

Sean Neuse created these lovely electronic fields of pop. He's got an almost immaculate feel for the right balance between sterile synth backdrops and warm keyboard melodies. The vocals are minimalist, and they're secondary. The highlight is the interplay between the icy rhythm section and the ebullient melodies. Neuse throws in just enough contemplation to add the necessary layers of depth. Reminds me a lot of early Ming and Ping, though this is more playful musically than lyrically. Neuse is more than content to let his music be the focus. The lyrics can be intriguing, but he never lets them get in the way. It's always good to recognize your strengths and go with them. Neuse has started something great with Backseat Dreamer. I hope he keeps heading into that great fractal sunset--very slowly, of course.

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