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Car Vs. Driver were an Atlanta, Georgia band that existed from 1993 to 1995. This 2xcd compiles a grand total of 39 tracks of everything that Car Vs. Driver ever recorded that the band deemed fit for the complete discography. Included are three live versions of songs from their second lp – “Out Of A Silent Sky” – as well as four songs that were never recorded in a studio but were captured live on either WREK 91.1 FM Atlanta or Clemson, South Carolina radio. Both of the full length records – “Deja Grateful” and “Out Of A Silent Sky” are present on this 2 x cd as well as the four 7″ tracks, the two tracks from the split 7″ with spirit assembly and the five tracks which were available only on compilations until now.

Car Vs. Driver were a product of their times – the early 90’s produced a huge outpouring of “emo” bands that were highly influenced by the DC hardcore scene of the 80’s. Car Vs. Driver definitely were influenced by such bands as Rites of Spring, Embrace, Rain, One Last Wish as well as their contemporaries: Hoover, Spirit Assembly, Fugazi, Jawbox, Lungfish, Shudder to Think, Current and others.

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June 28, 2005

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