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“The Get Down Syndrome, the second EP from Atlanta band Sorry no Ferrari, is laced with high-powered, experimental melodies, funky bass lines and some jazz fusion-like harmonies. This latest offering of instrumental numbers from the quartet of Brett Kelly (guitar), Chad Shivers (guitar), Drew Mobley (bass) and Sonny Harding (drums) is slightly reminiscent of Sound Tribe Sector 9, Particle and Ghosts and Vodka. The layered instrumentation found throughout the EP propels the music and gives each song a richer texture.

The polyphonic rhythms on the track “Native American Idiot” give the impression of more than one song being played as the track starts off slow and upbeat and then delves into fast, mechanical drumming before ending in a darker, less structured place. The track “Tuba Toothpaste” is perhaps the most laid-back track on the E.P., with the intro of acoustic guitar creating an ethereal and warm feeling before the drums are introduced. Then each instrument builds upon the last to finally dissolve into some sort of hyperspace symphony.

The last track on the EP is a very interesting, albeit amusing, rendition of the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. It wouldn’t be hard to call a band like Sorry no Ferrari a “jam band,” but The Get Down Syndrome manages to dodge some of the pitfalls of that label.

Exhibiting songs that are less circular and more direct than your average jam band, this EP doesn’t feel as though it’s just one song being played a multitude of different ways. Also, the focus is less on the drums and bass than in many jam bands. The melodies change often enough for the listener to be actively engaged in the music and not just entranced by it. Sorry no Ferrari is obviously in it to make music that’s more than just listenable. (Alaska/Stickfigure)” -Charley Lee

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January 27, 2007

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