The Harmony Of Noise

1 Jak Jedza

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“The Harmony of Noise” is Wiracki’s debut full length album. Wiracki takes the listner on a visionary & mind bending journey with a superb blend of noise, industrial, and ambient soundscapes.

“The first thought that comes to mind when listening to Wiracki is ‘symphonic noise’. Yeah I know that sounds horrible but it is kinda apt because this isn’t your usual turn everything up full and wail away type of noise album, it’s been thoroughly composed and listening becomes as painstaking a process as constructing it obviously was. As it progresses, ‘THoN’ relinquishes much of the grandiosity of the early tracks which it replaces with more psychedelic elements that free up the music to allow it to explore other avenues and this for me is where the album really comes to life. It suddenly feels more alive, more fun. It is readily apparent that Wiracki has devoted a considerable amount of thought and effort into the construction of each piece on this album but I have to say this isn’t really the type of stuff that floats my boat as I generally prefer a more spontaneous or improvised feel. However, the sheer volume of ideas on display here and the care and attention with which each track has been constructed means there is pretty much something to suit everyone’s palate.” – Wonderful Wooden Reasons

Release Date
June 27, 2007

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Jak Jedza

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