The Sound Of Swords Clashing

1 Local Seeing

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The hal al Shedad was, is, and will forever be Benjamin Lukens, Edward Rawls, and James Joyce. These 2 songs were taken from a session at Sleepless NightsStudio in the spring/summer of 1995 that produced all the material for the first 3 singles as well as an unreleased song. Issa (come on guys, let’s take a break) Diao was at the controls. The sounds contained are the earlier h.a.S, before the Sabbath and Bowie comparisons, and contains the ultimate request and probably our legacy, That One. By the way, this is a repress so it doesn’t have the cool center label art, but it is our first 7″. All credit is due to Josh White, Gavin Frederick, and Scott MC for putting this out and keeping it available for so long. Thanks for dancing along all those times. -James Joyce

Release Date
July 25, 1995

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Local Seeing

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