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The band’s founders, Chris Campbell and Nick Black recorded and produced a new collection of songs which weaves a morbid tale of two lovers whose affair will not end in death. Sick Figures maintains their raucous, saloonish type of Rock and Roll but evokes a more dark and eerie mood. The recording highlands the talents of Erich Netherton (drums),Paul Pfeilschiefter (bass), Jeremy Dollar (drums, percussion), and Monica Arrington(backing vocals).

Those who have waited for Sick Figures newest release will not be disappointed. Two Ghosts will satisify loyal fans’ need for funloving debauchery while luring new fans in with macabre tunes of love and loving. Either way, Sick Figures takes listeners on a rollercoater ride of their lives.

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September 27, 2011

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Graveyard Swagger

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Sick Figures is a band driven by the songwriting skills of Chris Campbell and Nick Black and also includes Erich Netherton (drums), Paul Pfeilschiefler (bass), Jeremy Dollar (drums, percussion), and Monica Arrington (backing vocals). These folks play a brand of alternative guitar pop/rock with odd hints of Pirate swagger threaded into the mix. Two Ghosts is the second full-length release from these folks...and it's a HIT. The songs on this album deal with "a morbid tale of two lovers whose affair will not end in death." Smart songs...unique vocals...interesting lyrics...and a nice bright direct sound...what more could you ask for? The more we spin this one the more impressed we are. These folks have quickly developed a sound and style that is all their own. Kickass cuts include "Mad," "Murdercycleaire" (a particularly strong track), "Never Change," and "The Whiskey Song." Totally cool stuff from start to finish. TOP PICK.

Baby Sue Magazine

The danger of constructing songs from such history-specific genres such as vaudeville and old time saloon music is the possibility that those songs come off as dated, cartoonish and gimmick-ridden. The reward, however, is that, if used wisely and judiciously, those genres come so richly imbued with an almost cinematic sense of time and place, that the avenues for storytelling stretch much farther and wider for the artist. Fortunately, Chris Campbell and Nick Black, founders of saloon rockers Sick Figures, know just how to take their love of these distinctly American styles, fuse them with traits of classic rock and blues, and then wrap the whole thing into delightfully morbid tales of love and loss. While "Graveyard Swagger" remains dusty and sepia-toned, the music nonetheless feels contemporary; add in a touch of roguish mischief and a macabre wit and you have an excellent primer for the group's sophomore full-length, Two Ghosts, due out September 27th via Stickfigure Recordings.

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