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In Coulier’s world, each night ends in king-sized beds with gold satin sheets. Their bodies are caressed by millions of tiny visco-elastic memory cells (originally developed by NASA, but put to tests even the Swedish could never have envisioned) and lustfully romped with perfect human resonance. Each day begins where the previous day ended; there’s an overflowing bowl of Grapenuts on the bedstand, one spoon for him and one for her. The work days are short, never lasting more than a few minutes, and every drive home ends with the same fiery auto crash at the bottom of a canyon. On some days, they are saved by their parachute packs. On others, they dive gracefully out of their speeding autos at the last second, just moments before their car flies off the edge. On the most memorable Coulier days, Adam Newman (guitar), Brion Kennedy (guitar), and Navid Amlani (drums) stay buckled up, straight to the bottom of the canyon, being saved only by an arbitrary plot twist in the story. True to their world, Coulier’s music delivers in peaks and valleys, sharp juxtapositions and acutely aware self-indulgence. Thus is “Vibin'”.

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February 25, 2006

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We're Motherfucking Coulier

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