Airoes is Jeph Burgoon & Michael Keenan. When Airoes started it was just Jeph Burgoon. Jeph Burgoon has been an illustrious and interesting figure on the underground Atlanta DIY scene for a long time. Jeph was the emotive vocalist of Portrait, the drummer for the kossabone red, the drummer for Shake Off!, the drummer for Electrosleep International and is currently the singer for Battlecat. Airoes started in 2001 as part of the black aux. With the imminent demise of portrait on the horizon, jeph decided that he needed a change in musical direction, so he started venturing in the realm of electronic music under the moniker of the black aux. After a year of playing house shows to three people, the black aux split into the black aux and airoes. The black aux became jeph and leslie grace and after the split the black aux dazzled audiences for about six to nine months with jeph's bass driven poppy but very dancy devo meets kraftwerk in a blender sound complete with Leslie Grace's vocals. The black aux is now on permanent hold due to life's complexities, but by no means is the black aux officially over. It could be revived at any time. Airoes is the bastard offspring of the black aux. While the black aux focused on the poppier, softer side of jeph's burgeoning electronic talent, airoes kept it punk. Initially airoes pummeled the listener with thirty to sixty seconds songs of outright harsh music that sounded like the bastard child of merzbow meets hip hop covering abba. Needless to state that shows were an maelstrom of bodies and all sorts of flying objects including lit fireworks and cd's. We are seriously surprised nobody went to the hospital. In 2005 Airoes finally unleashed "My Zipper Got Stuck". In 2006 Michael Keenan joined Airoes as the second vocalist. Now instead of just Jeph terrorizing the audience its now two crazy vocalists terrorizing the audience. Michael Keenan has served time in such local atlanta bands as Wheeljack, Electrosleep International, Mascara Aesthetic as well is currently the vocalist in Hawks and performs in Battlecat as well.

The Latest Albums

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