Eiliyas is the project of Eiliyas. Eiliyas doesn't know how to describe Eiliyas. But all Eiliyas knows is that Eiliyas loves Eiliyas. Eiliyas has been doing Eiliyas for about 8 yrs now, but Eiliyas didn't start to really try and push Eiliyas until close to this past year, which kinda doesn't make sense sense Eiliyas loves Eiliyas sooooo much. But Eiliyas also realized that Eiliyas wasn't for everyone, no matter how much Eiliyas loved Eiliyas. It's like when Eiliyas was younger and his Eiliyas's favorite drink was Apple Slice. Eiliyas thought that it was the greatest drink in the world. Apparently everyone else didn't think so, and it was no longer sold within the year. This saddened Eiliyas, as he really wished that he had his Apple Slice... *sigh* Nevertheless Eiliyas loves Eiliyas and will forever keep up with Eiliyas and forever love Eiliyas, even if no one else loves Eiliyas the same way no one else loved Apple Slice...(sidenote:Eiliyas mixes apple juice with ginger ale sometimes to try and recreate apple slice, and sometimes he feels like it works)

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