08.29.08 - Lack is no more Full of juvenile enthusiasm Lack started somewhat 10 years ago and will now come to an end. This band has always been driven by motivation, passion and love for what we are doing. This band has always, as stated many times, been about challenging ourselves and moving in new directions. As of lately we must recognize that motivation is coming short, that inspiration has been drying out and that tours seem to take us down all too familiar roads. We simply recognize the fact that it is now time for the four of us to part ways, move on and let Lack be, leaving behind three albums, numerous shows and tons of memories and invaluable friendships made along the road. We are extremely proud of all our outcome with this musical collaboration and extremely grateful for everything we ever achieved or got to experience. This band, the experiences that followed and the friendships made, certainly shaped our lives and had a huge impact on what kind of people we are today, and we would never be without it. We are confident that now is the right time to leave this behind us, and do so without regrets or sorrow. Instead we are all very much looking forward to pursue other projects and are eager to find out what the future holds for each and everyone of us. Sincerely Thomas, Kasper, Jacob and Jakob Lack were from Denmark

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