One Hand Loves The Other

So many different backgrounds mashed together and then squeezed into a slightly pulpy, somewhat synthetic, though unequivocally organic delight. One Hand Loves the Other took years to assemble. However, it was not until the fall of 2006 when old members left to pursue other endeavors that Lou and Nancy were left with no other choice but to wait patiently. Naturally yet quickly, Mikey and Tracy came into the hands of OHLtO, and the passionate four-piece group began to develop a new sound for their debut album. This final formation blends electro-indie beats with classical arrangements, provided by a multitude of orchestral instruments, and soulful, original vocals. Lou, the lyricist and voice, emerged from a background inspired by blues and soul artists of the twentieth century female persuasion. Nancy, the instrumental composer and fingers of the keyboard-synths and flute, blossomed out from classical piano and flute instruction. Mikey, the electronics engineer and composer, came from the pits of electronic haze with a clear idea of the ability to merge the organic and synthetic. Lastly, Mary, the cellist extraordinaire, picked up the bow where her precursor left it. She can make like the dickens on the strings of the cello. All from different places, all on different paths, all had the same yearning to create music. It was an amalgamation of sorts. Some may say a quixotic one- OHLtO would probably take that as a compliment. In May 2008, One Hand Loves the Other officially disbanded. Mikey, Nancy, and Mary have formed a new project (called Tealights) and are planning to release their first EP in 2009.

The Latest Albums

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