Travis Thatcher has performed as an electronic composer and musician for the last seven years, as a saxophonist for the last 15 years, and has been cutting his teeth on various experimental electronica projects in Atlanta, GA. He currently performs with recompas (with Blake Helton), Judi Chicago (whose CD was deemed the best music made in Atlanta in 2007 by Creative Loafing), and Early Modern Witch Trials (both with Ben Coleman). Travis is an experienced computer programmer; he received a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Spring 2005 and has worked extensively in industry as well. His graduate work has been in the field of music technology, specifically in human computer interaction for live performance and interactive sonification. Concentrating on mobile applications for networked collaboration and on controller design, he has been involved with projects including: Brainwaves, a sonification installation that allows a group of players to interact with an auditory display of neural activity, Iltur, a series of musical compositions featuring a novel method of interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments with new musical controllers called Beatbugs, and Listening Machines, a concert series exploring concepts of machines listening and improvisation and musical human-machine interaction.

The Latest Albums

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