"S.I.D.S is one of those bands the listener will always try to deconstruct. Even though this tendency is supremely recognizable and predictable (especially among the relatively literate crowd of homespun musicologists that populate the areas where S.I.D.S. is most likely to find an audience) since this piece of writing you're reading is, in all honesty, a piece of MARKETING that is designed and distributed in order to get you to BUY, WRITE or SELL a new recording then this writer really has no choice but to attempt some sort of explanation of what we're talking about. In the strictest sense of musical lineage, S.I.D.S. owes a debt, in varying degrees, to Devo, Throbbing Gristle, D.N.A. and Kraftwerk. These comparisons serve only minimally, though, as it must be understood that S.I.D.S. music, if not it's psyche altogether, is informed not by the run down, industrial design of Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale's Akron, OH but the shiny, hyper-realized modernity of Atlanta, GA. And, yeah, that makes a difference. As much as one can hear the primal reaction to a speedy and emotionally neutral culture there is an underlying sense of confusion and desperation as if to say "No human can keep up with this." That's really the essence of S.I.D.S. music and is why the lyrics, none of which are discernible in the first place, necessarily take second place to the tunes themselves. Ultimately, S.I.D.S. is going to have their say and the importance is on their saying it, not your understanding it. The purpose is expression, not communication. Don't be fooled." - Gordon Lamb SIDS were Adam (Camaro Crotch), J. Fauver (Deerhunter, Diet Cola, Action Porn, Electrosleep Int'l, Perpetual Sciamachy Theorem) and E. Carmichael (Thy Mighty Contract) SIDS existed from 2004 until 2007

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