Sound Of Seventy Three

Sound of Seventy Three is the bedroom recording project of New York born multi-instrumentalist and producer Douglas Johnson. Blending the euphoric noise of shoegaze, with the gritty-moody atmosphere of trip-hop, and the expansive experimentalism of post-rock, Sound of Seventy Three crafts unique modern instrumental music. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as 60's soundtracks, 70s kraut-rock, 80s post-punk, and 90's electronica, Sound of Seventy Three brings all this together with a pop-like sense of melody and a lush, almost classical, sense of orchestration. Starting out in Doug's bedroom in 2005, Sound of Seventy Three became a live band for several years playing loud instrumental guitar-based post-rock in Atlanta area before eventually returning to the bedrooom in 2010 to focus on writing and recording. While playing live Doug perfected writing for his rock ensemble of two guitars, bass and drums and this is still the starting point for much of Sound of Seventy Three's music and arrangements. However, after returning to the bedroom Doug decided to explore other sounds and textures that inspired him primarily by remixing his own compositions.

The Latest Albums

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