Suitcases were D. Haddon (Warning Light, High Marks) and Chris Daresta (Gold Painted Nails). Suitcases existed from 2004 until 2008 and were from Atlanta, Georgia. "There were also live artists performing their works for the entire crowd. No, people weren't painting at the party. However there were some insane bands at the part. I was told that the bands that performed are two of the most talented and original on the entire Emory campus, and after hearing them perform I believe it. The Suitcases kicked off the night's musical events with a 45 minute set. Unfortunately a teacher was scared away by their theatrics which included fake blood, but all of us real rockers were blown away by The Suitcases' drum machines, keyboards, and numerous effects pedals." -Andrew Salk, Listen zine, Fall 2004.

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