T Tauri

"You're Never Getting Out Of Here - You're Never Going Anywhere". "T Tauri's music was hopeless, desperate, and completely devoid of catharsis or joy. This was the first group of 90's post punk bands to use the term "no wave" to describe their music, and they were the closest of these bands to actually replicate some of the aesthetic of the 70's New York No Wave scene in the "modern" era. Three kids from Ft. Collins, Colorado, came down from the mountains and became connected with the Boulder Angel Hair/VSS scene, and after releasing a split 7" with The VSS, they relocated to Los Angeles, California. Hollywood, CA to be exact. It was like taking one of our innocent local bands and dumping them on the same streets where bands like the Germs grew up. It acidified their sound and made it exponentially more intense. They had no expectations or fantasies about who they were or where they would go, they were going to destroy themselves in Hollywood, California and this was what it was going to sound like. Everything about them was barely held together; their instruments, their van, even themselves physically and mentally. When they would play, they were so incredibly loud and powerful it was unbelievable, and it suited their music. It is impossible to understand just by listening to their recorded output, the only way you could experience it would be to take this album and run it through every stereo system and amplifier in your house, and turn it up as loud as you can. Aaron Warren the guitarist was the first guy I saw use a Marshall full-stack at house shows, Greem Caona the drummer played an incredibly beat-up Ludwig drumset with a 24" kick drum, and after a tour with them I immediately had to go out and buy one of my own. After releasing another single and this LP (Ending Deconstruction), they imploded and went separate ways. Aaron moved to New York and played in Black Dice, Greem moved to San Diego and played in The Peppermints, and I'm not sure what happened to the bass player (Jason Coover). A second album was released posthumously ("The Rapture of Infinite Motion", or "Infinite Motion" as it was titled when finally released), but from around 1994 to 1998 or so, these guys made unique, ugly, fascinating music and brought a genuinely different sound to the landscape of the time." - James Joyce

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