The Graboids

The Graboids were formed by Matthew Watson (drums) and Stuart Watson (guitar). Matthew and Stuart jammed together as brothers for years, first playing at home and then together at talent nights of both each other's schools. Then around 2000, Andrew who went to school with stuart, joined them onstage at a few of these high school talent nights. No band was formed but the future lineup was set. Forward to 2001, by now matthew and stuart had discovered this place in town called the music resource center. They used to go there almost every day and jam with whoever happened to float through the building. But it never seemed perfect or comfortable until Stuart got Andrew to start coming along... and then full-on practicing ensued between the three, the spaced-out sound of the band slowly evolving over the next year. Delay and distortion pedals were prevalent. Endless practice sessions happened at the music resource center, just jamming for hours and trying to make as much noise as possible in a given session, we didn't really know what we were aiming for or what kind of music to play so we just let it work itself out. By early 2002 the sound of the band had evolved into the space/ambience territory, and so a direction had finally shown itself naturally. This was basically the beginning of the band for all intents and purposes, everything else before was just for shits and giggles. With Andrew and stuart having reached 18 the band were forced to leave the music resource center. And the rest is history.

The Latest Albums

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