The Subliminator

THE SUBLIMINATOR was found in a state of suspended animation in an abandoned crate by spacerock guitar ace John Pack in 2002. Col. Pack immediately installed him in his band Spaceseed, America's premier spacerock band. The Subliminator toured nationally with Spaceseed in '03 and '04, occasionly opening shows and performing with such luminaries as Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Harvy Bainbridge (Hawkwind) and Cotton Casino (Acid Mothers Temple). Some say he doesn't exist -- he's a myth -- an urban legend -- an artistic Yeti. But spacerockers and aficionados of the avant-garde nationwide know better. Subliminator sightings and sonic attacks have been reported in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit and other locales. The epicenter of this activity, however, appears to be in the Southeast in general and in Atlanta in particular. Allegedly the low rumbling of a mysterious black motorcycle has been associated with these sightings and attacks. The National Security Agency has placed the nation on a state of high alert for sonic terrorism ... but it is futile to resist the impending Sublimination invasion!

The Latest Albums

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