Drummer Stewart Voegtlin started beating on double boilers and copper pots as a wee boy; smashed crockery followed. Several ad hoc kits later he was slashing and bashing with suburban Death Metal fiends, Lustmordem; terrifying posh Buckhead youth with rural heathens, Asmodeus, all while air-drumming at home to S.O.B., Bathory and Possessed. Wooed by the freedoms of late '60s european Jazz, Voegtlin sent the double kick drum to the shed and worked Metal's intensity into wave and pulse drumming - styles typified by Sunny Murray, Rashied Ali and Dutch madman Han Bennink. There are blast beats; there are relentless ride cymbal attacks and there's a bit of the unpredictable: conch shell, trombone and [broken] clarinet are given the selfsame mistreatment. Zandosis gives him the opportunity to do all of this, and then some, as he and frontman Marshall have threatened to perform a show with only easy chairs and canned beer as instruments. Bassist Tony Gordon - honestly it's hard to tell if he's playing a Fender bass or if it is playing him. He's got the most unique bass sound anyone's ever heard, as often it sounds like something completely not a bass (most often it sounds like two battleships making love). His solo project is called Freebass, and again you'd be hard pressed to pick out any bass sound. He is the Fist of Dispite responsible for the ensemble Charlie Parker and the long running Destroy All Music show on WREK 91.1 FM Atlanta. Vocalist Marshall Avett started the Old Gold label in 1994; been playing with unrecognized geniuses in groups like More, Mato, Charlie Parker, Petland Toy Faktory, and Zandosis; likes ice cream; has cats named Fatty Nacho and Squeak; and has never ridden a crest of power like he feels when he announces these songs and launches into the resulting attack of sound and electricity. If you've got a microphone and an amplifier, you've got no excuse not to seek the same feeling.

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