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In Sonitus Lux’s new album As Yet… features Bill Pritchard with Serson Brannen as In Sonitus Lux.

Serson continues his role as a hang drummer while Bill brings the sounds of tuba (and related instruments) to In Sonitus Lux on this album.

The song “As Yet” showcases the Hang with the Cimbasso to provide the listener with a unique, relaxing, soothing and psychedelic experience.

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June 28, 2019

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As Yet...

Album Review

When "As Yet" by In Sonitus Lux starts out and gets going I couldn't help but think of "Delta Rain Dream" by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno from Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics. Similar processed horns in the distance but with the Hang (a steel percussion instrument) giving a steady texture as distorted synth swells echo out and stretch into mysterious shapes and fade out like a blast of gas fire from the local oil refinery towers. Science fiction writers Lucius Shepard and Ian McDonald write about the kinds of worlds this music would suit well: those where technology didn't turn out to be a Utopian panacea to solve all human problems but had the usual unintended consequences well have to live with yet it didn't all turn into cyberpunk-esque dystopia or life under Skynet. Where corporate and military science backfired and space exploration created not the world of Star Trek but a string of human settlements with their own cultures and subcultures because that's what humans do better than anything else when adapting to new environments. It's music for a synthesis of ideas and society while capturing the spirit of that path into a future we never really could have predicted.

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The combination of the hang drum and processed tuba make for quite strange bedfellows, but in Serson Brannen's In Sonitus Lux project with Bill Pritchard, "As Yet" showcases both instruments massive tonal range as complimentary vessels exploring unique sonic spaces. Brannen's Hang playing and electronics set a monastic exploratory pace while Pritchard's tuba creates droning overtones or rips through the delicate fabric with massive bass-heavy blasts.

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