Four Hymns

1 Cloak Of Misanthrope

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Four Hymns, Blind The Thin King’s 2nd release, continues Sean Moore’s simulation of “hypothetical archeological music.”

“I want BTTK to sound like music that’s been found somewhere, maybe in a pyramid or a crashed satellite, and by the time we hear it, its world is long gone,” he says. “I imagine these ragtag electroacoustic ensembles playing songs to sedate the ruling class while their palaces are being looted and burned. The music tries to be pretty, but there’s been too much corruption and waste, so it just comes out sounding dysfunctional and ominous.” He shrugs. “That’s the idea, anyway.”

Hymn 1. Cloak of Misanthrope

This is one of 12 tracks selected from over 70 submissions for the Sampling Holst competition, sponsored by The Engine Room of Morley College London. All entries used samples taken from a recording of London Schools Symphony Orchestra performing Gustav Holst’s The Planets, originally composed in 1916 when Holst was Morley’s music director. The judges included Jeff Mills, Gabriel Prokofiev, and Astrud Steehouder. ‘Cloak’ is featured with the other finalists’ work on Term Records’ Sampling Holst.

Hymn 2: Cafe Monolith

“Scott Walker died, and I kept seeing his unreadable face with a band of shadow hiding his eyes under that cap.”

Hymn 3: No Daughters

“Hours deleted to get four minutes that worked.”

Hymn 4: Liar Loved One

Features the surreptitiously played and recorded Dobson Opus 89 Organ in Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values, University of Tampa.

Release Date
September 27, 2019

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Cloak Of Misanthrope

Album Review

Blind The Thin King’s aim is to make music that sounds like something from a lost or extra-terrestrial civilization or found by a far future society with no known cultural connection to our own—to make something for which the social and technological context is unknown. So the project’s latest single “Cloak of Misanthrope” comes across like the discovery of a music storage device that contained the information throughout an optical storage matrix that was found in pieces and through which we’re stimulating the crystalline structure to elicit sounds and we get a fascinating collage of tones, textures and a rhythm not based on anything normal but out of the cadence of seemingly random sonic data. Instead of a Hari Seldon type figure giving us the finest music of the era from the arts equivalent of Foundation, we get something like an even more corrupted, more randomized flow of sounds than the Elvis Presley hologram performance from Blade Runner 2049. It’s supposed to be challenging, it’s maybe even supposed to be off putting but there’s something about this track that keeps you listening, a sonic puzzle that tantalizes because some of the pieces are missing but if you pay close enough attention you will figure out the unifying element. Perhaps the connectors can be found across the Four Hymns LP from which “Cloak of Misanthrope” is taken. But even if not, “Cloak of Misanthrope” has an appeal similar to artifacts of ancient civilizations we don’t fully understand or the electronic transmissions from numbers stations. Yet there is a strange and haunting coherency to the song that is undeniable. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Blind The Thin King further there as well.

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Wow brah! This blows my mind all the time.

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