Curtain Call

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The complete discography of Columbia, South Carolina’s Prevail finds the light of day again. Prevail were a politically aware emotive hardcore band which existed during the mid 90’s which helped to lay the groundwork for the modern screamo hardcore scene. All told all thirtyone of Prevail’s recorded songs are present on this cd. :This is what we are. All laid in front of you. Take it as you will. Prevail is nothing more than six people, yet it is everything. Not to you, but to us. It is not easy to give you a list of what we are all about. As people we change everday. We have certain goals and particular ideals that we adhere to but nothing is etched in stone. We learn new things. We meet new people. We experience. We are not sure. We go with what we have deemed as our truth. Perhaps it is not in accord with yours. That’s fine. Life is an interesting thing. It is full of so much. Anyway, prevail are dorks. All of us make mistakes. We are nothing more than human. Damn.

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January 1, 2007

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